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The Author, Screenwriter and Librettist concentrating on Racism, social inequalities, and life…


Percival has lived with racism on the outskirts of his life, and he knows enough about it to know that it is a sickness. And this sickness has a remedy: education.

In his upcoming book, BLACK PICKET FENCE, Percival indulges the reader a glimpse into his life as a gifted Black child who embarks upon a life he chooses to live against the will of his loving mother and a society not ready to deal with the confrontation he would soon bring.

In this autobiographical work, Percival tells the story of growing up and living by his own rules, not those simply given to him as a Black child in Texas.

It is, at times, shocking, hilarious then heart-breaking. And every word of it is true.

Release, 2023. Pre-Order T.B.A.

Three other Novels are in the works.


During the pandemic, Percival journeyed into his story-telling mind and embarked upon a world of words.
Characters and plots, the twists and turns which life presents, started a life of their own and had to be written down.
Many of these stories became screenplays.

Percival is about to take his place in the film and television world, bringing to light modern dramas, period pieces and a television series.
It is an exciting time for the artist who stated:

‘I am telling stories which need to be told. Everyday people in extraordinary circumstances who fight to overcome bias, racial inequalities and socio-economic drawbacks in a world which needs to be forced to understand that if someone breathes, they matter.’


Percival has adapted an award-winning film about two feuding, elderly sisters bound together by a terrible tragedy in their past.

His co-creator of this new work is the renowned classical pianist, Mario Mariani, one of the foremost experts on the pieces composed by Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868).
This has been four years in the making and now the score is almost complete. The project will soon be going into workshop with a majorly-talented cast of musical-star veterans.

There are two other musicals, both original dramas, which are simultaneously being created: AMERICA, INTERRUPTED! And another piece, as yet unnamed. Percival has not yet revealed the subject matter of the latter works.