Percival a adapté un film primé sur deux sœurs âgées en conflit, liées par une terrible tragédie dans leur passé.

Son co-créateur pour cette nouvelle œuvre est le célèbre pianiste classique Mario Mariani, l’un des plus grands spécialistes des œuvres composées par Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868).
Quatre années de travail ont été nécessaires et la partition est aujourd’hui presque achevée. Le projet entrera bientôt en atelier avec une distribution très talentueuse de vétérans de la comédie musicale.

Deux autres comédies musicales, toutes deux des drames originaux, sont en cours de création : AMERICA, INTERRUPTED ! et une autre pièce, qui n’a pas encore été nommée. Percival n’a pas encore révélé le sujet de ces deux œuvres.

Growing up in Dallas, Percival Duke led a colourful life as a child-prodigy who had frequent trouble with the law. As a young overachiever, he excelled in school which presented him with no challenges…until music entered his life.
Percival graduated from Booker T. Washington, School of Performing Arts, in Dallas. Other alumni from the prestigious High School include Grammy winners Erykah Badu, Edie Brickell, Nora Jones and Roy Hargrove †.
After graduating early due to his his scholastic excellence, Percival went to New York City and was cast in several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, among them CATS and  A CHORUS LINE. However, he considers his crowning achievement to be the moment he sat at the piano next to the Broadway composing legend, multiple Tony and Grammy Award-winner, Cy Coleman, as Cy composed a song specifically for Percival’s vocal abilities for the Off-Broadway version of the hit musical, THE LIFE, which went on to win multiple Tony Awards after it went to Broadway.
At nineteen, Percival landed the role of ‘Judas’ in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, which took him on a European Tour. Europe has been Percival’s home since.

He is now an acclaimed composer and singer touring major European cities and the world with his own music.

A big break came when he appeared as a contestant on THE VOICE in Germany in 2012. Percival received standing ovations for every one of his performances from his Blind Audition to his last performance in the quarter final Live Show, although he was slotted to be the winner from the onslaught.
Since then, he has performed to growing audiences and has released four studio albums.

Presently, Percival is writing material for two new albums, co-composing three musicals while writing librettos. He is filming a documentary series which he wrote, is moderating and for which he is composing and coordinating the music. He is also authoring an auto-biographical book of short stories, poetry and anecdotes, and he is writing a fictional novel and a non-fiction novel, simultaneously.
Over the years, Percival has lived in Berlin, London Stockholm, Hamburg, Vienna and Rome. Presently, he resides in an old, renovated farmhouse in the countryside some miles outside Cologne, Germany with his beloved German Shepherd, Akasha, who is named after a character from a book by one of Percival’s favourite authors, Anne Rice.