Percival’s autobiography, BLACK PICKET FENCE, will be released the end of October, 2023.
It is a roller coaster ride of emotions beginning with his turbulent childhood in Dallas, until he boards the plane which brought him to Europe.
And this is only the first half. The next book is planned for Summer, 2024.
Pre-Order the German or English Version here.

The new Album, MERCI MONSIEUR LEGRAND, will celebrate its first Single release on August 25, 2023.
The piano, vocal and cello based Album begins with the French love balled, “DIS-MOI”. Yes, FRENCH.
Each month after that, a new Single from the Album will be released until the end of January when the whole Album is
available for Download and Streaming.
The album is Percival’s dedication to his idol, the famed French composer, Michel Legrand.