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Percival was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from the Arts Magnet High School with classmates such as Erykah Badu, Nora Jones, Roy Hargrove† and Edie Brickell.

Afterwards, Percival went to New York and was cast in several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows as a singer, dancer and actor in the shows CATS, A Chorus Line, Mama I Want To Sing and the Showcase version of The Life where Composing legend, Grammy and Tony Award winner, Cy Coleman (“The Best Is Yet To Come”, Sweet Charity, City of Angels) wrote a song specifically for Percival’s vocal abilities.

In between these jobs, he worked as a waiter in several restaurants, cleaned hotel rooms, was a go-go dancer in more than a few New York Night clubs and, for a time, a male escort – all of which paid his rent, his singing, acting and dance lessons.

He then landed the role of `Judas´ in Jesus Christ Superstar, which brought him to Europe. This move changed his life.

He settled for a while in Cologne, Germany where he had the opportunity to meet major tourung artists who hired him as backing vocalist on their tours and television appearances: Robbie Williams, Chaka Khan, Robert Palmer, Michael Jackson, Cher, Zucchero and Anastasia among many others. With his own music, he opened for Alanis Morissette, Lauren Hill, Bryan Adams, Skunk Anansie, Marcus Miller, The Brecker Brothers and Layla Hathaway.

Percival is now very well-known for his performances in the first season of The Voice of Germany (2011-2012) where he consistently received standing ovations from his Blind Audition to the Quarter Final where he gave his last performance, though he was slotted as the favourite.

His LP/EP releases include THE WICKED (2005), NEVER SHUT UP! (2013), STRIPPED SONGS (2016), LIVE IN COLOGNE (2017) and 2019’s KILLING BUTTERFLIES among many singles over the years.

Percival’s New Album, MERCI MONSIEUR LEGRAND, songs from the Oscar winning French composer Michel Legrand,  is awaiting World Wide release in 2023 with a European Tour to follow. On this album, the Artist is singing in three languages including French and German.

His first novel, BLACK PICKET FENCE, an autobiography, will also be published in 2023.

Percival, when he is not traveling for work, is busy writing his second novel and, simultaneously, writing a dramatic series for television and creating a new dramatic musical based on an Award-winning film.


I sing.

I compose.

I write screenplays.

I write books.

I did Broadway shows. A few.

I was a professional dancer.

I finished High School at 15.

I have an I.Q. of 164 and have failed miserably trying to figure out how to use it.

Got a scholarship to an Ivy League School then got kicked out.

I was a male whore in New York City at 16.

I learned how to fight on the streets of New York.

I have worked with many legends.

Toured almost everywhere. Will again.

I drink.

I smoke.

I curse. A lot.

I can be gracious, then I can be very foul.

Did a load of drugs. Got bored. Don’t anymore.

I don’t take shit. From Anyone.

I punched a record boss in the face for lying to me.

My sexuality is questionable, for others. It’s clear to me.

And there is nothing without the Stage and the Audience.


Growing up in Dallas, Percival Duke led a colourful life as a child-prodigy who had frequent trouble with the law. As a young overachiever, he excelled in school which presented him with no challenges…until music entered his life.
Percival graduated from Booker T. Washington, School of Performing Arts, in Dallas. Other alumni from the prestigious High School include Grammy winners Erykah Badu, Edie Brickell, Nora Jones and Roy Hargrove †.
After graduating early due to his his scholastic excellence, Percival went to New York City and was cast in several Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, among them CATS and  A CHORUS LINE. However, he considers his crowning achievement to be the moment he sat at the piano next to the Broadway composing legend, multiple Tony and Grammy Award-winner, Cy Coleman, as Cy composed a song specifically for Percival’s vocal abilities for the Off-Broadway version of the hit musical, THE LIFE, which went on to win multiple Tony Awards after it went to Broadway.
At nineteen, Percival landed the role of ‘Judas’ in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, which took him on a European Tour. Europe has been Percival’s home since.

He is now an acclaimed composer and singer touring major European cities and the world with his own music.

A big break came when he appeared as a contestant on THE VOICE in Germany in 2012. Percival received standing ovations for every one of his performances from his Blind Audition to his last performance in the quarter final Live Show, although he was slotted to be the winner from the onslaught.
Since then, he has performed to growing audiences and has released four studio albums.

Presently, Percival is writing material for two new albums, co-composing three musicals while writing librettos. He is filming a documentary series which he wrote, is moderating and for which he is composing and coordinating the music. He is also authoring an auto-biographical book of short stories, poetry and anecdotes, and he is writing a fictional novel and a non-fiction novel, simultaneously.
Over the years, Percival has lived in Berlin, London Stockholm, Hamburg, Vienna and Rome. Presently, he resides in an old, renovated farmhouse in the countryside some miles outside Cologne, Germany with his beloved German Shepherd, Akasha, who is named after a character from a book by one of Percival’s favourite authors, Anne Rice.